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Why things hurt

July 25, 2013IanChronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia, In the News & ResearchComments Off on Why things hurt

NATIONAL PAIN WEEK As entertaining as always, Professor Moseley explains ‘Why things Hurt’ highlighting the role that beliefs, expectation, past experience, even language plays in the production of pain. Enjoy.

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What organ do we use to hear?

A simple enough question right? Well our body is not that simple. We collect information through sound waves through our ears, but what we actually ‘hear’ is determined by our brain – and our brain takes in far more than just sound. It also takes in other sensory information including vision, smell, taste and importantly […]

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CFS Awareness Day & Mothers Day

May 17, 2013IanChronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME, In the News & Research, Inspirational & General InterestComments Off on CFS Awareness Day & Mothers Day

My gorgeous wife’s recent article on celebrating Mothers Day AND celebrating CFS recovery last Sunday.  

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ME/CFS Awareness Day – May 12

ME/CFS International Awareness Day  – May 12 Psst. Pass it on. Tell the world. But please be aware of this …… it’s horrible but not hopeless! It is vitally important that people understand that conditions like CFS, ME, MCS or Fibromyalgia are horrible, real and debilitating physical conditions & that sufferers are not putting it on, […]

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Stress and Illness

Chronic Dwelling = Chronic Inflammation A recent study out of the UK showed that when people were asked to think about a negative event the levels of C-reactive protein, which is a marker of tissue inflammation, rose. The levels stayed elevated for an hour but could also be normalized by changing focus. This is an […]

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CFS & Childhood Trauma

A number of recent studies draw links between childhood trauma & CFS. For some this supports the ‘all in the head’ argument about CFS. However when you see CFS in the physical terms of being stuck in an automatic physical stress response then it makes sense that a traumatic unbringing can be is one of […]

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Australian study findings on Stress Response supports Lightning Process theory

Stress-response systems in people with chronic fatigue syndrome are signalling to the body that it is not safe to relax, creating a state of high alert that can be likened to post-traumatic stress disorder, new research suggests. This has been the understanding behind the Lightning Process approach for 12 years –  looking at how we […]

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My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Facebook page

You can now find me on Facebook – Here’s my page link Watch for updates on about my work with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Australia and New Zealand including public talks and lectures and interesting articles and resources. See you there.  

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What influence do we have over our health?

In my work I find there are two ways people see their world. Either as an active player in their  circumstances OR with little real control. When it comes to health issues in particular people either believe that they can influence it themselves or not.  Which one are you? Our recent understanding of Genetics suggest […]

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Sick for decades? Read on…

I recently listened to an interview with Dr Edward Taub, who has become a world leader in stroke rehabilitation and Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CI Therapy). He features in Norman Doidge’s book – The Brain that Changes Itself. He shows the real life applications of Neural Plasticity with his work training people out of their […]

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