Ian Cleary

Energy Saving

We hear a lot about saving energy nowadays but the people I see who have CFS or ME have been doing it for decades. Saving your energy becomes essential when the consequences of pushing through and crashing can put you in bed for weeks or months.

When you are ill, fitting in just one thing a day seems like a monumental challenge. When things are really bad, tasks are the essential ones only, and they happen only if or when you have enough energy.

If you have something coming up, then everything stops so that you can hopefully have enough energy when the time arrives. You never have enough but sometimes you are able to push through and get it done.
People tend to find their lives become very limited and restricted.
Time however takes on a very different quality when you are well after recovering from Chronic Illnesses like Fibromyalgia or ME/CFS. People find they can fit a lot more into their life.
They stop thinking about saving energy and enjoy spending energy. Reading this letter from a recent graduate even made me a little exhausted.
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