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From CFS to Mexico, USA, Thailand & Cambodia (and back)..in 6 months

Below is a story from Brendan who did the Lightning Process 6 months ago. Well done Brendan. I had CFS for 2 years.  Prior to CFS I was a 24yr old young man training as semi professional rugby player whilst working a full time job, One Wednesday morning I basically collapsed and turned into a […]

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Sick for decades? Read on…

I recently listened to an interview with Dr Edward Taub, who has become a world leader in stroke rehabilitation and Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CI Therapy). He features in Norman Doidge’s book – The Brain that Changes Itself. He shows the real life applications of Neural Plasticity with his work training people out of their […]

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What role does age play in one’s ability to change?

February 29, 2012IanSuccess Stories0

Age, Lightning Process & ME/CFS Our brain’s ability to change and adapt is with us until the day we die. This is the surprising finding in Neural Plasticity. While the brain undergoes incredible development and change in our early years its capacity to change never disappears. So age is no obstacle to change….unless we believe […]

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“In other words I now have a life” – Claire – CFS for 16 years

Another great Lightning Process success story. This is a letter from Claire, a lovely lady I saw in Auckland a few months ago. The letter was written to the New Zealand ME Society and featured in their monthly newsletter. Well done Claire. What a remarkable change. Enjoy! The Editors, ANZMES Journal. I was interested to […]

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CAUTION-The Lightning Process can scar you for life

How’s this for an email I got from a lovely lady I saw 2 months ago. Well done Alex. You are a champion. “Hi Ian, Just emailing to tell you how I’ve been going. The past month has been absolutely amazing. I won dux at my school despite all the time I had off, I […]

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Lightning Process Babies

As I start to get Christmas cards from people I have seen over the years and I hear what they are up to now, the one thing that always amazes me is the incredible ripple effect that occurs when someone gets success with the Lightning Process. It rarely effects just that person. Most people I […]

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The Lightning Process gave me wrinkles

Now that’s enough to turn most people away from the Lightning Process, but I just got a lovely email from a lady I saw 3 months ago. She was doing the Lightning Process for Chronic Pain and Weight Issues that had kept her house bound and immobile. 3 months down the track she is able […]

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Nice story of success

It’s the third day of LP and a lady told me this story of a walk yesterday. She decided to go for a bushwalk as this was something she had given up since having ME. She started walking and came to a folk in the path. She had 2 options to get to where she […]

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My wife in the news

Check this article about my wife in the Cairns Post about our epic Hinchinbrook Island trekking adventure. Cairns Post Article

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Celebrating with Sandflies and Crocodiles!

Some people like to celebrate anniversaries with Champaign or eating out at a fancy restaurant. Well my wife has just celebrated her 2 year anniversary of doing the Lightning Process and how do we choose to celebrate……..by trekking for 5 days through the crocodile and sandfly infested jungles on Hinchinbrook Island (Qld). For those that […]

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